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About Us

We are a leading industry in Kerala(S.India) with vast experience in Engineering and Machinery manufacturing field. The company is having a upward growth rate since 1987.

The objects to be pursuded by the firm are:

  • The manufacturing of Hydraulic pressing machines for mosaic tiles, mosaic polishing machines, marble polishing machines, concrete block making machines, concrete mixers, wood working machines, pulvarizers, bakery machines, fly-ash brick making machines, b Bottle sealing machines, chemical mixing machines, chemical tables, etc.
  • To undertake the repair, modification, alteration or demolition of all types of machinery.
  • To prepare, develop and market drawings, models and prototypes of all types of machines required for engineering industry.
  • To act as stockists, propaganda agents, distributors, promoters, etc of the machines and spares of other manufacturers.
  • To undertake the contract work for supplying any machinery including the power to obtain or allow sub-contract work.
  • To deal in construction materials, hardware, paints, varnish, nuts, bolts and locks, etc.