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Our Projects

With our engineering techniques and plans, we are finding ways and means to reduce your work time and energy and save money! The following is the list of machineries we have developed for you to cater your various needs.
  • Hydraulic pressing machines for mosaic tiles
  • Mosaic polishing machines
  • Marble polishing machines
  • Concrete block making machines
  • Concrete mixers
  • Wood working machines
  • Pulvarizers
  • Bakery machines
  • Fly-ash brick making machines
  • Bottle sealing machines
  • Chemical mixing machines
  • Chemical tables, etc.
With the help of our experienced marketing team, the products have reached among many intra-state and inter-state business entrepreneurs. We have record sale for various type of Block Making Machineries, Polishing Machines and Mixers. The products are marketed in the brand name 'GIMSON'. We offer help to our customers to avail the expertise developed through years of practical experience from our technically qualified personnel in putting up the plant, starting from setting up the layout. These customers can seek help from our marketing team to market the products manufactured by them. We also have attained EXPORT LICENSE to deliver products overseas. Presently, we are exporting the manufactured machineries to Gulf countries/Middle East countries as per the client requests.